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CW3: This pipe looks like it was ripped straight from a science fiction lab. The two sidecar chambers provide extra cooling, and air filtration to allow for a much smoother hit, plus they look pretty cool!
What we Love:
- Three chambers provide added filtration
- Chambers connected by headway hookah hoses secured by airtight grommets
- Comes with removable poly carb down stem and metal bowl and slide kit
- Mounted on a 2x6” acrylic base
- Center stem is 8”
- Uses 1.5” acrylic tubing to make it more portable

For nearly 20 years Headway Acrylics has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality water pipes. Manufactured with great care in our New Hampshire facility, our products display the new Headway image, carrying with it the legacy of a company known the world over for delivering high quality at a fair price.