PB18 Acrylic Pipe

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HWPB18-Selcet Pipe color first

Product Overview

No one likes breathing in ash, which is why we created the PB18.  The PB18 has a side car ash catcher and two honeycomb percs so it is able to filter out many of the impurities and toxins within the smoke.  It allows for a smoother hit while also looking cool.


  • Flared base for stability
  • Side car ash catcher
  • Two honeycomb perolcators
  • Removable plastic down stem that is securely held in place by an air tight rubber grommet
  • Metal pull out bowl with handle
  • Mouthpiece is covered with black rubber for comfort when you hit
  • Can be disassembled easily for hand washing or by dishwasher


For nearly 20 years Headway Acrylics has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality water pipes. Manufactured with great care in our New Hampshire facility, our products display the new Headway image, carrying with it the legacy of a company known the world over for delivering high quality at a fair price.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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