Why Acrylic

Want the ability to take a satisfying bong rip at any time without having to worry about keeping fragile glass around?

So do we!! That’s why Headway Designs is proud to offer the most complete acrylic water pipe line on the market!!

Ideal for beginners (or the chronically clumsy,) these pipes are made from virtually indestructible acrylic plastic, the same stuff Plexiglas is made out of!

Of course, we wouldn’t want you burning plastic. That’s why all of our acrylic water-pipes are outfitted with food-safe metal bowls and stems.

Even more indestructible than the pipe itself, this totally removes any worry of shattering your fragile glass stem when you go to load a bowl -- every owner’s worst nightmare!

Worried about the metal being too hot to handle? We’ve got you covered, our custom headway fly clips keep your hands safe from the heat!

For a smoother experience we also offer an upgrade to our Headway Designs Glass Slide Kits for all pipes.

As amazing as some glassware is, acrylic pipes might take the crown for sheer craziness. At Headway Designs the infinite possibilities of plastic are put to all sorts of preposterous uses, with acrylic water-pipes assuming just about every shape and color you can imagine.

Take a journey with one of our whacky triple-chambered acrylic water-pipes, or immerse yourself (quite literally) in the infamous and fearsome Gas Mask Bong(coming soon) .

With Headway Designs, you can find something new and wild all the time, from 6ft super-pipes to multi chambered masterpieces with psychedelically inspired finishes sure to turn heads.

Or maybe just something simple? For a small fraction of the price of a glass pipe, you can get a quality piece of smoking equipment built like a tank.

Our acrylic water-pipe packages offer an even more economical way to take advantage of all the neat benefits of affordable acrylic smoking devices.

Why Acrylic Overview

1. Price- compared to other materials acrylic will give you the best bang for your buck. Allowing us to provide our customers with unique high quality products for a fraction of the cost of glass.

2. Durability: If you live a more active, and or social life style then you are going to want a product that will not break at the slightest fall. Acrylic water pipes are virtually indestructible so no matter how clumsy you or your friends are, you can be sure that your acrylic pipe will be secure

3. Acrylic pieces truly stand out. Thanks to breathtaking colors and the ability to generate an infinite number of designs you can have a beautiful piece that will make your friends, or customers turn and look again.

4. Easy to clean: Acrylic Pieces disassemble easily for easy cleaning.